More Clarity about Your Investment Performance and Costs

Over the past two years, Canada’s investment industry has been making changes to better address the needs of investors.

Client Relationship Model – Phase 2 (CRM2) is the name of a new set of rules developed by investment industry regulators to make it easier for Canadians to understand how their investments are performing and how much their investments cost.

By having information reported clearly and in plain language, the new rules are intended to help investors make informed decisions.

At Credential, we’re proud to work closely with your credit union and advisor to implement these changes and to deliver more clarity to you.

What clarity means to you
  • Clarity about how your investments are performing
    Allows you to assess your progress towards achieving your financial goals
  • Clarity about the cost to you and compensation to Credential for the financial advice and services you receive from us
As a result of these changes:
  • At account opening and at the time of purchase, you will be provided with a clear explanation of costs and related charges for your investments
  • On at least a quarterly basis, you will continue to receive an enhanced account statement that provides a comprehensive overview of your investments. To learn more about your account statement, please visit the Statement Guide page.
  • On an annual basis (beginning in January 2017), you will receive two new reports:
    • A Performance Report - summarizes your investment performance and rate of return
    • A Charges and Compensation Report - provides in total dollar amounts, the fees you paid and the compensation Credential received