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Our partners choose us because often what you stand for depends on who you’re standing with. Standing with Credential means partnering with a company committed to your individual growth and success.

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Portfolio Managers
Kevin Vanderheyden
SVP, Sales & Trading
Credit Unions
Glenn Thorarinson
SVP, Business Consulting


As a long term client, we have directly experienced Credential’s commitment to our success with ongoing innovation, expert advice, and outstanding service.

Garth Warner, President and CEO Servus Credit Union

Working in close collaboration with Credential has enabled us to pursue new business growth opportunities. They understand our needs and adapt to our culture instead of trying to change it.

Corey MacEachern, President and UDP Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital Ltd. 

BlueShore’s partnership with Credential ensures we are able to offer the most competitive products and services to our clients by providing access to the key insurance manufacturers in Canada. Their advisor and client support is specifically designed to meet the high standards of service BlueShore delivers to our clients.

Perry Ceholski, Vice President BlueShore Financial