Mutual Fund Dealer

Introducing Credential Asset Management Inc.

For more than 20 years, Credential Asset Management Inc. has been helping our partners compete effectively in the retail wealth management space by providing them access to a wide range of investment products including mutual funds, wrap programs, and GICs.

Through access to in-depth, proprietary research and a targeted product strategy, advisors are able to tailor investment plans for investors at any stage of the financial life cycle.

We provide advisors with the tools they need to help them succeed in this highly competitive industry, enabling them to:

Build better portfolios
Investment Specialists gain access to valuable tools and in-depth research to help them make informed recommendations and build strong portfolios that are tailored to each client. Quick, easy access to expert tools and research means they spend less time pulling data and more time building client relationships.

Save time by leveraging smart technology
They also get access to leading-edge technology that automatically verifies accounts and trades for compliance before processing changes and saving time by ensuring all required information has been captured right from the start.

Improve client relationships and increase sales results
We supply ongoing sales, marketing, and compliance support to ensure sales professionals are held to the highest standards. This also guarantees the consistency needed for strict compliance to legal requirements.